Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Balance Zante 
I can personally say that these are the best running shoes I have ever used in my life. These shoes have special material and made to make runners feel comfortable while they run. The featherweight Zante has ample cushioning in the heel, and a solid feel under the forefoot for a quick toe-off. The upward angle of the toe further speeds the transition from landing to launch. The forefoot is wide and breathable. Several testers found it hard to get the tension right around the midfoot, which hugs the arch tightly, but all praised the shoe's weight; many said it could double as a racing flat. The Zante (named for a beach in Greece) uses New Balance's Fresh Foam material in a go-fast package—where it gives its best performance to date. This less-dense version of the foam provides strong cushioning in the heel but is solid under the ball, propelling your foot quickly off the toe. Featuring a new shoe shape that hugs around the arch (some felt it is too tight), a low-profile midsole and a pronounced toe spring, the Zante could be the lovechild of New Balance's Boracay and their popular 1400 racing flat. Testers praise the lightweight performance; they say how "snappy" the shoe feels underfoot, while still providing cushioning. "The ride from these shoes is absorbing and bouncy, smooth and fast," a tester says. I fully agree with what they say. If anyone is looking for a good running shoe, I highly recommend these shoes. They sell them at runners high and sports authority. You can also order them online.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Why dead pool is awesome: Dead pool’s most notorious trait is his tendency to break the fourth wall in his books. Not many comic book characters know they exist within a work of fiction, but Dead pool thrives on it. Every now and then he’ll drop a comment to the artist or writer working on his book, or reference the idea that he’s a fictional character like in the panel above, much to the confusion of whoever happens to be nearby. Dead pool can be a pretty complex character. His heroic deeds are often few and far between, but now and then he does something so selfless and touching that it cements his status as a hero. When Archangel was on the brink of death, Dead pool nursed him back to health by cutting off chunks of his own flesh. Inspiring. Dead pool’s main power, his accelerated healing factor, gives him the ability to bounce back from any injury in no time. Oh, except for the cancer he had when his powers were given to him by the Weapon X program. His existing tumor spread across his whole body, leaving him horribly disfigured. If any other Marvel character came down with such a horrible ailment, it’d be a tragedy. For Dead pool, it’s just another punch line.


Friday, February 5, 2016

 Ladies and gentlemen, the season has come for men and women all over the nation train to burn or be burned, to jump real short, or real long, to jump high or low, to throw far or not so far, to be a loser or champion. This is the most amazing sport of all and its called “track & field. I run the 100m, 200m, and 400m dash. All these races have a specific formula and if you don’t follow them, you will fail and get burned, a term used when you have been brutally beaten. The 100m dash is one of the quickest races of track and you have to fast. When you get ready on the block and you’re in set mode, the gun will pop. As soon as you hear that gun pop, you have to get out quick and keep your body slanted and head down for 40 meters and gradually straighten your body until you cross the finish. It’s basically the same thing for the 200m; accept you have to keep your head down for 50m.  The 400m is one of the hardest races of all time. Its one full sprint around the track, you start at the curve and when you start, you sprint the curve. When you get to the straightaway you keep the intensity an stride it, and when you get to the next curve, you give it all you got to the finish. They’re many other races like the 1600, or 3200m and they are called long distance races, but sprints are the bomb.