Friday, April 8, 2016

The x-men super villain Apocalypse:

 Apocalypses full extent of powers remain to be revealed, especially to the extent of which powers have since been augmented by alien technology. Apocalypse claims to have control of his body on the molecular level-- allowing him to shape change and elongate with virtually unlimited range, to increase density and allow his body to mimic metals and armors, to teleport, and to be virtually immune to the effects of age. Apocalypse can also increase his strength to levels surpassing that of the Hulk, grow to giant sizes, and gain the power of flight, sometimes through turning his arms into wings or jets. Apocalypse can also transform himself into a variety of human disguises.
He has exhibited energy absorbing and projecting abilities in the past. Apocalypse has been termed an "External," due to his mutant ability of immortality. Briefly, Apocalypse has shown potential to be a powerful person. It has further been hinted that Apocalypse's body is ravaged by a techno-organic disease. Many of his regenerated bodies must use an exoskeleton body armor to prevent his energies from consuming him. Apocalypse can apparently merge/switch host bodies to continually revive his self-consuming body.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The history of rock music isn't cut and dry. Many individuals debate who the first rock singer was and what the first rock song was. However, it is known that the history of rock music comes from the old R&B mixed with some country and western and fused with a little rockabilly.
The exact time period that the history or rock music started in is not known. There were rock and roll elements showing up in blues songs and old country western songs as far back as the 20's and 30's. By the 1950's the history or rock music had begun.
The phrase rock and roll used to have a sexual connotation attached to it. The phrase sometimes contained to two meanings. It appeared to mean dancing but was also associated with sex. It was first used in the title of Trixi Smith's 1920's song, “My baby rocks me with one steady roll.” However, it was Alan Freed a disc jockey from Ohio that first came up with the phrase rock and roll in 1955. With that, the history of rock music was well under way.
As stated before, just who started the history of rock music is under debate. This is because rock and roll music evolved from different genres and some songs that belonged to the blues, jazz, country, and gospel genres offered elements that could be considered rock and roll. However, it was Bill Haley's song, “Rock around the clock” that became popular enough to top the Billboard music charts.
In the history or rock music there have been many icons. Among the earliest rock stars are names like Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard. These early stars of the history or rock music led to the popularization or rock and a culture change that shocked the world. The dance crazes, fashion styles, and pop culture that followed the early history of rock music were made possible by these early stars.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Part: 1 introduction of jazz

Without question jazz music is a powerful vehicle for human expression. Everywhere we look or open our ears, we can discern the emotional, creative, and musical effects of this particular mode of human expression. Interestingly though, when we are discussing jazz music, we are also moving into the realm of controversy. First of all, this music is the cultural and spiritual tool and means by which the journey of an entire group of people is chronicled.
Second, jazz is the repository of how our ancestors were able to maintain life's energy in the face of inhuman treatment by one group of humans, toward another group.Jazz music serves as a societal mirror. Americans of European decent, have great difficulty acknowledging that without the enslaved African people, music in America would be entirely different. In many instances, this group of people want to distance themselves from the essence of this music, as evidenced by various organizations and schools, where there is limited involvement of white and African Americans, really allowing this music to dismantle and dissolve the walls of racial strife and antagonism. Jazz started in the progressive era, around the 1920s, it was started in places like Louisiana, New Orleans and Harlem in New York City. The art was so popular in Harlem during that time; they called it the Harlem renaissance.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why quicksilver is a boss: Quicksilver possessed superhuman speed, and could travel on foot at speeds exceeding the speed of sound for hundreds of miles before tiring; he could "fly" for short distances by flapping his arms or "vibrating" his legs; he could also use his speed to create cyclones, dodge machine gun and laser fire, and run up walls and across water. When the High Evolutionary's Isotope E upgraded his powers, he did not know the true limits of his speed. Following the loss of his mutant nature, Quicksilver exposed himself to the Terrigen Mists, resulting in him now possessing the power to vibrate his atoms so quickly he travels forward in time. His molecular speed that he generates displaces him out of the mainstream time/space so that he is able to propel himself into the future. He can leap from thirty seconds to up to twelve days, and remain for several minutes to several hours before being recalled to his present time once his body tires, or he can return at will before his time is up. As he returns from his trip, he returns the exact moment he left so as to appear that he has been gone for half a nano-second. He is able to bring inorganic objects from the future back to his correct time, although it has yet been shown what would happen if he attempted to bring organic objects with him. These new powers are having an affect on his physical health. Each time he meets up with his future self (if indeed the person he meets is his future self), the future self looks more and more haggard. After the incident on Genosha, Pietro continued to inhale the Mists of Terrigen and has apparently obtained the power, with the shards of the Mists in his hands, to restore other mutants’ powers.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Balance Zante 
I can personally say that these are the best running shoes I have ever used in my life. These shoes have special material and made to make runners feel comfortable while they run. The featherweight Zante has ample cushioning in the heel, and a solid feel under the forefoot for a quick toe-off. The upward angle of the toe further speeds the transition from landing to launch. The forefoot is wide and breathable. Several testers found it hard to get the tension right around the midfoot, which hugs the arch tightly, but all praised the shoe's weight; many said it could double as a racing flat. The Zante (named for a beach in Greece) uses New Balance's Fresh Foam material in a go-fast package—where it gives its best performance to date. This less-dense version of the foam provides strong cushioning in the heel but is solid under the ball, propelling your foot quickly off the toe. Featuring a new shoe shape that hugs around the arch (some felt it is too tight), a low-profile midsole and a pronounced toe spring, the Zante could be the lovechild of New Balance's Boracay and their popular 1400 racing flat. Testers praise the lightweight performance; they say how "snappy" the shoe feels underfoot, while still providing cushioning. "The ride from these shoes is absorbing and bouncy, smooth and fast," a tester says. I fully agree with what they say. If anyone is looking for a good running shoe, I highly recommend these shoes. They sell them at runners high and sports authority. You can also order them online.